10 bad habits that make you look unprofessional


‘Nobody is perfect’. It is the harsh reality which nobody can deny. There are certain rules that one must follow in his life especially when you are a professional. One’s attitude, body language all matters a lot. There are few habits that one must avoid. They are as:


Stop being lazy

Remember that you are hired there to do work not to sit lazy. This not only affects you but also affects the one sitting next to you. Being lazy makes you uncreative. It enables your thinking capacity.



Being punctual is the best thing that shows your positive attitude towards your work and workplace. If a person is always on time it will start his work in time and will definitely try to complete it in time. Disrespecting time is truly unprofessional.



That is the worst thing to be done at workplace. It not only lowers your reputation but also that person can lose trust in you. Talking about technical things is fine but don’t make it a picnic spot.



Now this is like a curse to your professionalism. One should keep his data well organised so that anybody working with you don’t find it difficult to search anything in case of your absence.


Keeping secrets regarding work

In your workplace you always need to work as a team and in team, there should no secrets, not at all. After revealing secret, you will definitely not be trusted as you were earlier.



Disturbing others and interfering every time should be strictly avoided. Just dont give advice unless you are asked.


Saying ‘Yes’ to everything

Overpromising is not always good . If you are unable to do anything, just explain the reason and tell the person so that he can arrange another person to do the work. Making promises shows that you are confident about certain thing and is sometimes required also but upto certain limit.


Cheating and lying

No! No! N0!. Just dont do that.


Being unrealistic

Convincing others for those unrealistic facts undermines your professionalism. Coming up with new ideas is fine only if they are feasible.

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