Make your content go viral. Here’s how


Viral Marketing, it all starts with going viral no matter what industry you are working in. Every brand wants to attract as much possible people to them and want them to see their product. Content marketing is the crucial part of marketing strategy. The game of content marketing is unpredictable as content is fluid and the search algorithms are unstable. However, researches shows that there are certain factors that can boost up the marketing of the content such as human behavior, psychology, needs etc. Spending significant amount of time on marketing campaign before publishing the content actually helps to uplift the number of audiences.


Here is the list of the factors that must be checked off before hitting the ‘publish’ button:

  • Title and the starting intro

It’s very important to have an attractive title which can prompt people click on it. Using powerful words and numeric digits in the title is the trick to attract readers. The starting introduction should be such, which develops a feel of excitement to read further. The content should have some emotional impact on the user that can provoke them to share it.


  • Feasibility of content

The reader usually gets attracted by the content that is related to their lives or that is practical. Such type of educational, useful and reasonable content is more likely to be shared. Sharing is the very important factor in marketing field.


  • Trustworthiness

Credibility leads people to share the content. Writing stories in the articles and quoting the experts related to the fields builds up a trust relationship. People are more attracted by the real life incidents and hence stories not only develop the feel of self-development but also the social exchange.


  • Complexity of the content

The readability is a keen factor to get people engaged with the content. The viral content is always readable. Even the highly meaningful content gets ignored if it is not readable. Using the complex sentences throughout the article has negative impact on the marketing because it becomes useless if it is not readable.


  • Impact of the content

Researches show that the content that evokes the emotional feeling among the readers are highly shared. The feeling like excitement and amusement shows more positive results than that of satisfaction and regret.

It’s also very interesting to know that negative emotions like anger and anxiety are too leading the race. They are equally shared as those of others. Present the clear story to the readers and don’t forget to add metaphors, stories etc.


  • Visual appeal

People believe in more what they see. People often ignore the content if it is too large. The length and structure of the article is very influential. The more readable is more likely to be shared. Dividing the content into paragraphs under suitable heading and sub-headings have more visual appeal. Adding niche related images is also a good option.


  • Publishing strategy

When’ you post is as important as ‘what’ you post. Most of the famous bloggers prefer to publish their posts on starting days of the week while they generally share them on weekends. It’s a good strategy to publish the posts on weekdays and promote then on weekends.

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