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Whenever any SEO person is asked about some off-page techniques to boost up the traffic on the website, Guest blogging is always one of them. But the question is what guest blogging is and how it is used to increase the rank and traffic of the website? Below is the answer to your question.

What is Guest Blogging?

First things first: let’s first define it. ‘Guest Posting’ means writing an article or blog post and publishing it on someone else’s website or blog.

The important thing is to post to the high authority website and get the back links to your site. It is the good way to build up the authority and send the quality traffic to your site. The links can either be added into the post or in the author’s bio.

Reasons why guest blogging is considered important by every blogger:

  • Builds Relationships

For any blogger good content is everything. By being a good guest blogger and writing valuable content for someone else’s blog, you can build up relationships with other bloggers.

By being friends with other bloggers through guest posting, you can grow your influence on social media and hence more visitors also.

  • Good for search engine

From the SEO point of view, backlinks are very important ranking factors. The host blogger must include your link into the post either in the beginning or in the end. This raises the value of the website to search engine.

More authoritive sites linking to your website, means more trustworthy your website is.

  • Exposure to new People

Once the website is launched you build up a community and share your message. The guest posting allows connecting to the new people, and getting the most out of them.

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Guest Blogging Strategy

‘A goal without plan is nothing’. Guest Blogging Strategy has an actionable and traceable plan to follow. It’s a five step process to be followed.

  1. Build up online presence

Before you start guest posting, make sure you have good online presence. Nobody going to trust you from you conversations, they will need proof. Take time and make strong online persona. This will help in winning trust for guest blogging.

  1. Identify Opportunities

Before you start with posting, make sure to submit to some good authority sites. At least try to post for blogs related to your niche. Make the list of the targeted blogs and keep on identifying opportunities.

  1. Start Outreach

After finding the blog you will be writing for, it’s important to take care of the host’s guidelines. Different blogs have different rules and must be followed to get the post approved.

If you are writing for large website, try to contact to the editor or the content manager, as they have control for the post. If writing for single author blog, reach the owner directly. Following author’s guidelines increased the chances of the post being accepted.

  1. Create post

While writing for others, don’t provide with your secondary content, Give your best, make a good impression and increase your connections with more audiences.

  1. Continue the process

Guest Blogging is an incredible strategy that doesn’t require any sort of investment besides your time. The above mentioned strategies will work for you and your business for long-term.

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