Understanding Visual Content


The content of a website is not only about the text posts but also the visual content it has. Whether it is an image, video or anything it increases the user’s engagement with the post. Everyone scans the content at least once before reading it thoroughly. If they find it interesting and informative only then they go into the details. So to increase the engagement with the website, visual content is must.

It can be in various forms:

  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Graphs

All of them are very engaging and can be used to make an effective and appealing content.

Visual Content from SEO point of view

visual contents helps to engage more traffic in seo

Not only for engagement, visual content can also be used to boost up the website traffic and rank in the search engine. Using the relevant alt tags can help your site drive more audience.

Also the images, infographics can be shared on various image and infographic sharing site that can favorable to get the traffic from various other platforms too.

For Social Media


social media and images

65% of the posts on the social media are made up only from images only. It is very important to grab the attention of the user’s attention.

According to Buffer tweets with images received 150% more re-tweets than post without images.

Same is with the Facebook, posts with images has 2.5x more engagement.

Why we prefer visual content more?

If a user is given with just plain text there are 80% that he will get bored in the midway. No matter how important the content is, but once the reader got bored he will just exit from there. The question here is why we give so much importance to visual content?

Visual content and emotions

The answer is here:


  • 90% of the information sent to brain is visual and it respond to visuals 60K faster than the text.
  • It requires short attention span.
  • Complex concepts can be explained very easily.
  • Can even let the users share the content
  • Visuals stimulates our mind and connect things with emotions

How to create stunning visual content

Quality of the Images

‘Images speak louder than words’ so to make them speak even more louder don’t compromise with the quality of the image. There are number of websites that avail you with stock of high quality images.

Don’t ignore the text

Visual content has become the part and parcel of the content marketing strategy and is very effective too. Don’t just post the plain image also try to add the message in the form of text along with image to make it more clear what you want to say.


For any image with text, the readability is really important. If you are adding text to image make sure that the text is easily readable by the user otherwise it will be of no use.

Choose the correct typography because it is the first impression of the text.

Be consist with colors and filters

The color choice is another important factor as it not only makes the images more attraction but is also associated with human emotions.

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