Web Design & Development Process


Website development is a crucial activity and web development life-cycle is divided into different numbers of steps, same as the traditional s/w development processes. From gathering the initial information of business, to making of the website, and finally to keep website up to date takes these numbers of different steps or phases:


Web Development Process

Step 1: Planning

Planning is the first and most important step for website development, because at this stage what’s decided and mapped set on the entire project’s stage. This is referring to know the client requirement or we can say understanding the real business need, making website for which purpose or client business and so on. Here few sub-steps for planning:

  1. Conduct the meeting with client
  2. Understand the client’s requirements & ideas
  3. Analysis what client’s needs And
  4. Collect data



Step 2: Design

In project life-cycle, Design is the most vital stage. It gains the trust of client that the project is in capable hands. Actual look and feel of the website figures in this phase.

In here, communication with client is most important to make sure the site will be same as your requirement (needs) and taste.

  1. Wireframe Layouts
  2. Proto Type Design
  3. Design Signoff



Step 3: Development

Both the bulk of coding work (programming work) and loading web or web pages content involves in the development stage. In here website itself created. Actual development process involves the sub main steps:

  1. Coding (Programming)
  2. Layout Main Sections
  3. Client Feedback



Step 4: Launch

The website is ready or prepare for public viewing in the launch stage. This phase requires the final checking the quality of design, testing website from each angle. If the entire thing are going right need client’s approval for site launch. The things considered in this step are:

  1. Designing Quality Check
  2. Testing
  3. Approval




The maintenance of a website is a continuous process of improving & supporting the website keep up-to-date.

To attract visitors on the website needs to change and enhance. But the website’s development and maintenance is a very time-consuming task, especially if you have not knowledge or experience for web development. That’s why hiring a professional for this job is more effective. Because:

  • They already have experience & knowledge, so that with higher quality work done faster.
  • They have all necessary s/w, so don’t need to spend money on it.
  • It saves a lot of time and effort for you.


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