Common SEO Mistakes


Now days Search Engine Optimization is a super powerful. Can you believe on that or not??.  We will be able to do the best and top search results, if we are good at it and able to being different from others, don’t take short cuts and use fresh content, Its Optimization, outreach etc.

Some of the marketer used the wrong strategies in optimization. Here are some SEO mistakes done by online marketer:

No Content Promotion

Most of the businesses do not promote your content, because promotion is time-consuming and difficult. But content promotion is more important. If we do not promote it, then it does not exist. Creating the unique, fresh and quality content does nothing for unless people see it. Google love us if our content is good quality, a lots of people share it. But if people don’t see our content anywhere, then how are they assumed to know is it good?

So, promoting your content on social media, email newsletters, social advertising, etc that can go viral for long time period.

Choose Wrong Keywords

One of the most common errors the most of marketer makes that is wrong keyword strategy. Its essay to target local and long tail keywords because it easily ranked and take less time as compared to short-tailed.

Always choose the relevant keywords according to your services and the product that you offering and that will be achievable. These things make more important role in keywords research.

For example: if you have a “cell phone repair “, shop in Chandigarh, Then it is best for you to target local keyword like “cell phone repair services Chandigarh” because people search for nearby place for repair our phone instead of search in broadly.

Ineffective Black Hat Tactics

Most of the business makes that mistake, even some of the people do not realize that are new in SEO.

Keyword Stuffing– Adding a certain keyword into the URL, title, description and web content as numbers of times as possible, even when it does not make any sense.

Article Spinning– Found an article from any website and take it for rewriting, then rewrite this article with low quality scale & publish it.

Buying Links – Link building is the best part of SEO and very important for business. But if you buy links from bad source it can negatively impact on your business.

Ignoring the SEO focuses

There are mainly three focuses for SEO that is Optimization, Content and Outreach: both on-page and off-page optimization, which we have broken down to content creation and promotions.

Optimization: In technical definition of optimization is to make your website search engine friendly so that its more chance of understanding by search engine and, 100% change to get higher ranking.

Content: Content will be needed for research-based, For target audience may will be actually value and share.

Outreach: Making relationship with other people or marketers through outreach. This will be done by using the social media and guest blogging techniques. It help you to viral your content as well as gain backlinks.


If you want to get higher rank of your business for long time in Search Engine then do quality work. Make sure promote your content, Choose right keywords according to your business services and the product and always follow white hat search engine optimization techniques.

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