Give a Start to your SEO Career with this Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

SEO Search Engine Optimization, Ranking algorithm

SEO is a small acronym but a much wider concept that need to be researched time and again. Search Engine Optimization is the process of bringing your website up in Search Engine such as Google when you are looking for some particular search term. We will describe a bit of our research on Search Engine Optimisation here. This is done by optimizing our website according to Google.

There are two types of SEO:

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

On Page SEO: In this part of SEO our website coding, design and content is analyzed and optimized according to the search engine norms. Various things need to taken in care while optimizing your website from backend and these are as follows:

Content: The content is the only thing that will help you to rank in search engine. the content must be unique quality content.

Lucrative Title: The title of the page should be lucrative, keyword rich and must be describing the theme of the website. It should be 56 characters long, not more than that.

Meta Descriptions: Meta description is the description that is visible only to search engine. This is how search engine differentiate you with other. It should be 156 characters long, not more than that.

Robots.txt Robots tag and file helps you to restrict a particular page from indexing in search engine. It is used to hide the transaction pages and sometimes secret information pages.

404 Error implementation : There should be a 404 error page so that when a person went to an unspecified page on your website, it should not leave your website.


It is a xml page that contains all the links of the website. It need to be submitted in the Google webmasters to index our website URLs.

Linking with Google Webmasters and Google analytics

Your website must be verified by Google through Google webmasters and must be connected to Google analytics to track each and every activity of visitors on your website.

Off Page SEO: Off Page SEO is defined as the practices that we do on other websites to get backlinks and direct traffic to our website. Here are some of the great Off page activities that you can do to rank your website in the search engine:

Off Page SEO

Article and Blog Submission

Article and Blog submission can get a huge amount of traffic. Write regular blog posts for your company as well as other blogs and link back to your website. It will boost up traffic as well as ranking in search engines.

Search Engine Submissions

It is important to tell search engine about your website. There are different search engine submission websites on which we need to submit our websites.

Forum Discussions

It is the expert community where you can get your queries cleared and here you can actively participate in forums and build trust. Then you can redirect your followers to your website from forums.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking online is very great idea and interest to read the people of same domain. This will build trust for your website and give you strong backlinks to rank in search engine.

Image sharing

Image sharing is a great way of marketing and promoting your products and services to a wider audiences. Pinterest can provide you a lot of potential customers.

Replying to Questions

Solving others problems on Question Answer websites will generate trust over you. Genuinely help someone and he will be ready to take up your services. Search engine acknowledge the valuable responses and rank higher these websites.

So this the starter guide of Search Engine Optimization and you can give a start to your SEO career. If you want want to hire Search Engine Optimisation Consultants for your website then you can rely upon Creative Dreamrz.


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