Rule Book: 9 Blog Formatting Rules


For the content marketer the content and its quality is everything. His only motive after publishing the great content is to make it go viral. Once hitting the publish button it waits for the user’s reaction.

There are lots of things that affect the time spent by user on the blog like:

  • Load speed
  • Topic
  • Quality of content
  • Presentation often called formatting
  • Length

So while writing any post it is very important to keep user experience in mind. No matter how great your post’s content is but if its formatting is not correct, people will not enjoy it and won’t come back to read more.

Blog Layout Rules

  1. Column Width

Let’s first take a look at print media. The newspapers always make sure that their content is easily readable and that’s why they keep narrow column width. Long narrow newspaper columns mean reader can easily jump his eyes from end of line to the beginning of new line without losing its place.

Same is the case with blog post. Bloggers need to format the blog posts so that they’re easy to read. Keep the column width of the post up to 80 characters.

  1. Heading and Sub- Headings

It’s very crucial to categorize the content under appropriate headings and sub-headings. This not only makes the content more scan able but also makes it easy for reader to get the idea about the content.

  1. Paragraph Formatting

What if you click open a post and find long paragraphs of text. No matter how important the content is but if its presentation is boring user will exit from there.

So try to keep the paragraphs short as they are much easier to read.

Try to use bullets and lists instead of huge paragraphs.

  1. Font size and type

Big is better. Choose the font size that is easier to read. Don’t choose complex and over-stylish types of font for the blog.

Check out some of your favorite blogs to compare the font size and decide which works better.

  1. Punctuation

Use full stop, commas and colons properly while writing the post. This will make the paragraphs short in size. No one wants to read the same sentence over and over again to understand it. If someone is not confident with the use of punctuation then try to keep the sentences short.

  1. Text Formatting

Try to bold the text where-ever possible but don’t over use it, as it may lose the importance and effectiveness. Highlighting important sentences in bold is good way to gain user attention.

Avoid the use of capital letters because it is harder to read.

  1. White Spaces

Make sure that your blog isn’t too busy and distracting. Provide sufficient amount of blank spaces so that readers can rest their eyes from time to time.

  1. Background color

Most of the site owners prefer the contrast between the text and the background color. Make sure that the choice of background color is right and don’t make the text harder to read. Darker text on lighter background has wider appeal.

  1. Proper Visuals

Using the appropriate images and graphs attract more readers. Sometimes users get only attracted because of the images. Now a day’s GIFs are more common in use. It is very important to add appropriate and attractive images.

Most important thing, don’t forget to add caption to the image. Also alt tags are important.


Don’t let your quality time spent on writing the blog go waste just because of wrong format. Give your user the best experience using accurate sub-headings, images, lists etc.

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