Which type of IT Company is easier to work for, public or private?


Today world is mostly technology based. Mostly students want to become in information technology field. Many students after completing the study want to go with the public sector for doing job and many of between them go with the private sector and many of between them have no idea or always be confused that which sector is Read more…

7 qualities of an employee that an employer look for


Employees are the greatest assets of a company and if you take care of your employees they will surely take care of the company needs. Now, what an employer want from his employee? Let us see the qualities what an employer look for in his/her employee. 1. Action oriented: He/she must be actionable. Action can only be Read more…

5 Points that can make you standout in the Office


The one WHO wish to urge SUCCESS in company world should take care of these beautiful tips. Self Branding is very important these days as no one cares for you but yourself. Here are some of the  Self Branding Tips that will evolve a pacesetter out of you in your field and other people should acknowledge you for your work. BE MAN of VALUE You must pay attention of the actual fact that a person with personal Read more…

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